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Home audio in Dallas, TX is all about improving your home entertainment experience and getting the most from any home theater, surround sound, whole home audio system, or media room space. The team here at Open Air Media is serious about the business of home audio, and all other kinds of residential audio video projects, and would love to work together with you to create a quality audio experience. Whether you want to add a new hifi stereo system, some surround sound speakers, in-ceiling speakers, or any other kind of home audio, be sure to talk to the team at OAM first. Stereo Installation Dallas | HiFi Audio System DesignWith a combination of experience and knowledge in this field, we have a lot to offer your project. We are proud to serve residents of Dallas and surrounding areas, so feel free to get in touch and find out more about what we have to offer.

If you love adding new technology and gadgets to your Dallas home, you aren’t alone. Many homeowners are finding more and more ways to integrate the amazing technology that is on the market today into their home. It is no longer a necessity to head out to the local mall to have a great theatre experience while watching your favorite kind of movie. Instead, you can have an impressive theater environment created right in your home so you can enjoy your privacy and the convenience of not having to leave the house.

One of the most popular and exciting home a/v projects for us to work on at Open Air Media is the design and installation of a custom home theater space. Often, these spaces develop in the family room or rec room of our clients homes, but it is really up to you to decide what space in your home to build-out a beautiful new theater area. Some of the great components that can be included in this kind of project include 3D projectors, screens, surround sound, home theater seats, in-wall speakers, and more. Our home theater construction projects can take on many different forms based on the needs and desires that you have. No matter what kind of entertainment you enjoy while you are relaxing at home – sports, movies, music, video games, etc. – the home theater will become a popular place to share those moments with your friends and family. Contact OAM to discuss what we can bring to this kind of project in your Dallas, Texas area home.

Speaking of friends and family, do you enjoy having people over to watch the game or just sit down for dinner and fun conversation? If so, you might want to consider adding an outdoor patio a/v system to your overall audio video plan. With an outdoor entertainment area, you can take the party outside when the weather is too Dallas, Texas Surround Sound Systemsgood to pass up, and yet not miss out on any of the entertainment that you were enjoying while indoors. These kinds of outdoor entertainment areas have been growing in popularity and are just another way OAM can help you to get even more use and enjoyment out of your Dallas residence.

Of course, sometimes you don’t want to be outside. Maybe the weather isn’t great, or you just want to relax in the dark and watch an exciting movie. When this is the case, a media room is your best bet. The great thing about adding a media room to your home is that you can turn an otherwise wasted space into one of the most popular areas in the whole house. Many homeowners decide to use extra bedrooms or unfinished basements as the perfect opportunity to add a custom media room space. Your media room could include some of the same features as a home theater – things like surround sound, projectors, screens, home theater seats, and more – and is sure to be a hit with the whole family. Contact Open Air Media to discuss your media room ideas and find out what exactly we can offer you in regard to this kind of project.

Not every audio video project that is undertaken in your home has to be as elaborate or involved as a new home theater or media room. OAM is just as happy to take on smaller jobs that need doing around your home. We can handle such a/v tasks as home computer networking, universal remote programming, audio video wiring, TV installation, and more. Don’t try to finish an a/v task that you aren’t comfortable with when you can bring in our professional team for quick and friendly assistance.

Home automation is another area of the audio video business in Dallas that Open Air Media is ready and willing to help you with. Smart homes are popping up all over the area and offer a great way to make your home a more comfortable and convenience place to live. Using technology to manage things like lighting control, HVAC control, motorized window coverings, access controls, and more is commonly referred to as home automation. Our team is able to work with you to develop a custom plan that is in line with your wants and needs. For example, someone who travels frequently might want different features in their home automation Custom Home Theater Installer Dallas, Texasinstallation than someone who spends most of their time at home. We are happy to work with you to discuss your needs and develop a plan accordingly.

Thank you for spending some time on our page, and we hope to hear from you soon. No matter what kind of residential audio video project you are getting ready to undertake in your Dallas, TX area home, the team at Open Air Media would love to lend our abilities and knowledge to the job. From complete custom home theater projects to smaller a/v design and installation jobs, OAM is excited to speak to you and explain more about what we have to offer. Get in touch with us soon!




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